Damir loves this country of freedom and limitless opportunities. He really wants to live here and to do that, he can even break the law. No, no, nothing serious - just a fake marriage. The problem is, that there are lots of people like him, and this country tries to protect itself from them - it verifies them. This verification must be unexpected, strict, and people who do it must be competent and relentless.

This is how it should be, but very often life doesn’t fit the rules, invented by a human, it might surprise you...

Damir. Active, inventive, talented, he has goal. He can take control over difficult stressful situation.

Jessica is cute. She loves to be independent and ironic. But deep inside she is not happy.

Mister Smith. Experienced, beat-up, competent, strict. At least, he gives this impression.

Wily. Good guy, perfect father and husband, reliable worker. But still water runs deep.